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Organic Peaceful Mama Tea


    So much excitement, so much anxiety, so little sleep! Pregnant women know resting can be tricky when your mind is running amok with baby thinking. USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Organic and Certified Kosher, Peaceful Mama Tea combines calming herbs in a delicious blend to help ease a mama's busy head and agitated body. Safe for wound-up toddlers too!

    Formulated with tension easing Lemon Balm, calcium rich Oat Straw, calming Chamomile, and a whiff of Red Raspberry Leaf and Orange Peel. Enjoy a relaxing cup before bedtime, then settle down, be at peace and marvel that you are growing your miraculous angel baby.*

    • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
    • Non-GMO Project Verified
    • Certified Kosher by EarthKosher

    All Earth Mama teas are naturally caffeine free in easy to brew tea bags. 85% post-consumer recycled and recyclable cartons. 


    Is it safe to use during pregnancy?


    Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?


    How many cups can I drink a day? 

    1-3 cups per day. 

    What else do mamas use it for?

    • overtired
    • overexcited
    • cranky
    • teething baby gums (soak a very clean washcloth in brewed tea, lightly wring out and twist, then put the cloth in the freezer. When baby is fussy, chompy or teething, they can chew on the cloth for relief.)


    Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile) flower, Avena sativa (organic oatstraw), Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf

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    1. Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by teammama on Instagram on Apr 11th 2016

      Your Peaceful Mama Tea is helping Me so much, I swear by having it before bed every night! I'm 34 weeks and have been struggling with Postpartum PTSD since 6 months pregnant with my 2nd Baby 2 1/2 years ago and was terrified of what this pregnancy might bring on and instead of sleeping better at night this far along since I started drinking this every night religiously, than I was in my second trimester!

    2. Love it !!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Mar 24th 2016

      First time Mommy so there's lots of Anxiety and Sleepless nights and Kicking so this tea just calms my mind and let's me relax the night away !!!


    3. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by TryingAgain on Mar 11th 2016

      My Mom bought me this tea after we lost our first baby. I have never felt so good, so calm after a cup of tea..and I drink a lot of tea! I bought tons of EMAB products when we finally got pregnant and I have been impressed by every one of them! I can't wait to use these products when we try again! 2-25-2010

    4. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Tera B. Oregon City, OR on Mar 11th 2016

      I went into work extremely irritated and stressed out one day. I decided to make a cup of Peaceful Mama Tea in hopes of calming my nerves. Amazing! Not even 1/2 cup later, I was all smiles, without the slightest bit of tension. It was great. I really enjoy it and am thankful for a product that actually works - and quickly! 7-17-2009

    5. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Tamara Portland, OR on Mar 11th 2016

      I wanted to give you a rave review about Peaceful Mama Tea. I have been feeling overly stressed out recently and a friend told me to try Peaceful Mama Tea. I was amazed by how relaxed I felt after drinking this tea. 7-17-2009

    6. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Stephanie on Mar 11th 2016

      During my 14th week of pregnancy, i stopped sleeping through the night. During my 16th week, i started drinking Peaceful Mama tea and slept 8 hours straight - it was a miracle! I ran out and didn't use it one night, didn't sleep well, and immediately went out to buy more. THANK YOU! 5-12-2011

    7. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Rachel Spiker on Mar 11th 2016

      Love so many products but this one is so helpful to an anxious mama. Love it. 4-18-2014

    8. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by lovebugmama on Mar 11th 2016

      Baby number two is on the way and we are preparing to move across the state. Can you say stress? This Organic Peaceful Mama Tea really works to calm my racing mind and helps me get to sleep! I'm ordering my second box right now! 11-21-2010

    9. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Littlelamb on Mar 11th 2016

      This is a great tea and really did do what it said it would do...at least for me. I feel so calm and relaxed after drinking this. I have to be careful at work to drink just one cup because it can make me a little too sleepy. Plus I really enjoy the flavor. I highly recommend and am interested in trying their other options. 7-19-2010

    10. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Debra R Arcadia, Ca on Mar 11th 2016

      I was in the 9th month of my pregnancy and started having anxiety attacks. A friend recommended Peaceful Mama Tea and it really worked! I was able to relax again very quickly. 7-17-2009

    11. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Brooke Allyn on Mar 11th 2016

      I've been drinking it for four years. It has a euphoric effect, if you let it relax you. 4-18-2014

    12. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Anna on Mar 11th 2016

      Organic Peaceful Mama Tea helps this tired, pregnant mama unwind at the end of busy days. I love the flavor. I'll be drinking this once my baby arrives too. 4-13-2011

    13. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Ana on Mar 11th 2016

      I recently purchased your Peaceful Mama Tea. I was delighted with your simple, beautiful packaging and with the tea. I was hesitant to order it, since I hated chamomile tea as a child, but thought the customer quotes were encouraging; I was surprised to find that it is pretty (full of dried flowers!), smells beautiful, and tastes good -- especially with a little honey. After 3 or 4 days, it is an indispensable part of my bedtime ritual. And is so much more virtuous than Haagen-Dazs! 4-01-2011

    14. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Jessica on Mar 11th 2016

      Let me start by saying I hate hot teas but...I will be drinking Peaceful Mama nightly! I wanted to get used to Earth Mama teas for mostly postpartum reasons (Milkmaid & monthly comfort) & decided I would start training myself to like them now while in my 3rd trimester. No training needed. First sip I was pleasantly surprised. Before I finished half the cup I was completely relaxed. I finished the tea about an hour ago & still feel the calming effects. Will recommend this to all my expecting friends! 11-14-2014

    15. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea  star rating

      Posted by Lindsi on Mar 11th 2016

      Love the taste and calming effects of this tea! 10-14-2015

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