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Organic Heartburn Tea


    Sometimes pregnancy turns on what can feel like a furnace in your belly! USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Kosher, Heartburn Tea was lovingly created to help put out the fire. Not just for pregnant mamas, this delicious and soothing blend lends a cool hand to anyone with heartburn!

    Formulated with soothing, coating Marshmallow Root and tummy comforting Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Spearmint, and astringent Red Raspberry Leaf for a delicious after-meal soother that helps turn down the heat. Steep, sip and enjoy!*

    • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
    • Non-GMO Project Verified
    • Certified Kosher by EarthKosher

    All Earth Mama teas are naturally caffeine free in easy to brew tea bags. 85% post-consumer recycled and recyclable cartons.


    Is it safe for pregnancy?


    Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?


    How many cups can I drink a day? 

    1-3 cups per day. 

    What else do mamas use it for?

    • after meal overindulgence
    • sore throat
    • scratchy cough
    • diarrhea


    Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile), Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) leaf, Althea officinalis (organic marshmallow), Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf

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    1. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Julie K. Portland OR on Mar 22nd 2016

      EMAB got me through this pregnancy! I had heartburn like you WOULDN'T BELIEVE...the Earth Mama Heartburn Tea REALLY DID help! Had a c-section and have been using the C-Mama Healing Salve™. I am unable to breastfeed due to medical reasons, so that No More Milk Tea came in very handy as I tried to 'de-gorge' my poor boobs, who have now gone back to their droopy selves! And of course...the Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I change her and she is ALL RED, put on the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and the next change...she is white again! I'm so glad I can actually use the products. Of course Amaya, my oldest, loves her Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and now I have real baby to use it on. I just wanted to let you know that you create some really sweet products! xoxox, 7-17-2009

    2. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Julie M. on Mar 22nd 2016

      Sipping on this nice tea in the afternoons cuts down my dependence on antacids and it takes great too! 4-19-2010

    3. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Kitty L. South Dennis, MA on Mar 22nd 2016

      I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much a adore your teas ; I drank the Earth Mama Heartburn Tea throughout my pregnancy and it was such a yummy treat, now that I've had the baby I am loving my Milkmaid Tea ; by far the best mother's milk tea I've ever had!!!! I recommend you all the time! 7-17-2009

    4. New Mama Bottom Spray  star rating

      Posted by Michi on Mar 22nd 2016

      I've had heartburn since day one, and none of the regular over-the-counter remedies have ever worked, but this tea does! I feel good knowing I don't have to overdose on antacids just to feel comfortable! 8-17-2010

    5. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Hope Marja-Niblo Dobson on Mar 10th 2016

      Just started the heartburn tea yesterday and it's wonderful!! Seems bending over brings it on and yesterday after I had the tea I bent over to put socks on and nothing happened! - I was about ready to spout tears of joy! Thank you soo soo much for being so tuned into Mamas's needs and how our bodies work and making great products to make pregnancy much more enjoyable. 11-29-2012

    6. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Jessica on Mar 10th 2016

      I have had horrible heartburn during my pregnancy this is the only tea that has helped me! 4-22-2010

    7. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Sandy F. Los Angeles, CA on Mar 10th 2016

      I drink Earth Mama Heartburn Tea at night. It's so wonderful and soothing, it counteracts the heartburn heat. My own mother started taking it and she's not even pregnant! 7-17-2009

    8. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Scarllette on Mar 10th 2016

      My cousin introduced me to your products when I was about four months pregnant. I was beginning to have heartburn and she knew that if I could help it, I did not want to take any form of medication, even over the counter, during my pregnancy. She bought me the Organic Heartburn Tea and everything stemmed from there. I am beyond grateful that your company exists. I have many varieties of your tea and being a tea person my whole life, it was an adjustment not being able to have tea during my pregnancy. Not only is it a comfort for the purposes that the tea is intended for, its a comfort measure for me to be able to have my tea during this process. I fell in love with these products so much that it was all I asked for when Christmas came around. I received many of your postpartum and breastfeeding items including the Booby Tubes and Natural Nipple Butter that I am just thrilled to own, as well as relieved. I trust your products more than the chain store products. On a more personal level, I started to get hemorrhoids recently and I cannot tell you how much relief I have because the second I noticed them, I ordered the Mama Bottom Balm and Spray. Within two days I could tell a difference and I was more comfortable. I cannot express my gratitude and love for everything this company not only sells, but represents. Without a doubt this is a staple that is getting me through my pregnancy and ever since, I recommend all of your products to everyone I know. I will forever be a customer whether it be for me or for baby showers in the future. This is a wonderful company that I am forever grateful for! 1-14-2014

    9. Organic Heartburn Tea  star rating

      Posted by Shari on Mar 10th 2016

      I started drinking the heartburn tea during my second pregnancy with my son (who is now 4) and I still use it for occasional heartburn. I've had stomach problems since I was diagnosed with my first ulcer at 15, and have been on many different medications for chronic heartburn and reflux. I refused to take any prescription PPI's while pregnant and only took rolaids when I absolutely had to. But, then I saw the heartburn tea at Babies-r-Us and couldn't believe after my first cup how effective it was. I haven't taken a pill for my heartburn in 5 years and can also say that, since stopping pills, my heartburn frequency has dropped significantly. Thank you so much to Earth Mama's Organics for giving us a safe, natural and non-pharmaceutical alternative. Please don't ever discontinue this tea as I no of no other company that's makes one as good as yours. 10-16-2013