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Natural Stretch Oil


    Are you a mama with a sensitive nose and an itchy, pregnant belly? Looking for the perfect natural herbal stretch mark oil? Your gloriously expanding belly, hips and breasts will drink up the safe, luxurious Natural Stretch Oil blend to help relieve the stomach itch and help ease emerging stretch marks.

    Plant-based oils are infused with the healing herbal goodness of organic Calendula and organic Jojoba oil. Organic Borage oil and Neroli pure essential oil help nourish and encourage skin's natural elasticity. Natural Stretch Oil is light and readily absorbable, and the natural, delicate scent won't aggravate morning sickness. Lovely as a bath oil and perfect for perineal massage to help avoid tears and episiotomy during childbirth.*

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but don't be fooled: this is Mama's proprietary blend, perfected with loving care, with a celebrity and celestial mama following to prove it.

    What else do mamas use it for?

    • hair oil
    • face oil
    • moisturizer


    Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba) seed oil, Borago officinalis (organic borage) seed oil, Calendula officinalis (organic calendula) flower extract, Citrus sinensis (organic sweet orange), Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) flower oil

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    1. Made all my pajamas smell rancid  star rating

      Posted by Jenny C. on Aug 28th 2016

      So I love earth mama angel baby products on the whole. My favorites are the the baby bottom balm, the nipple butter, and the mama's bottom balm. This stuff though I would steer clear of. After using it for a few weeks I noticed that all my pajama shirts started to smell of rancid oil, I finally linked it to this body oil and then it took me weeks and dozens of washings with all sorts of anti oil remedies to get rid of it. I used Clarins Body Tonic from there on out and it never made any of my clothes smell and better yet, no stretch marks with either of my pregnancies.

      Earth Mama HQ response:

      Hi Jenny, as you have discovered, pure oils can stain your clothes. Some women suggest using a light coat of oil and wearing a tank top or t-shirt that can be cleaned with a detergent made for oil-based stains, like Bac-Out or those used to clean wash cloths when oil cleansing or for cloth diapering.

    2. Natural stretch oil  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2016

      I used this every night and then in my third trimester every morning and night, I did this with all three of my pregnancies and not a one stretch mark! Loved this product so my much!

    3. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by Patsy Ponce on Apr 8th 2016

      This product is amazing!!!! With my first born I got stretch marks everywhere! Now with my second baby on the way I decided to give this product a try. And until now, no new stretch marks! I couldn't believe it!! It smells good and it's not oily, just what I needed. This product gave me so much confidence and I'm so thankful I found this great product!! Thank you so much!! 10-14-2015

    4. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by betsymac922 via Instagram on Apr 8th 2016

      I am stretch mark free after two babies in two years and this is what I used every night! 10-22-2015

    5. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by meg_olszie30 via Instagram on Apr 8th 2016

      I'm just starting getting itchy and really stretching !! I have the small bottle of the oil and I love it!! My hubby rubs it on my belly everyday and night so he feels part of my pregnancy! 10-22-2015

    6. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by monster.milo via Instagram on Apr 8th 2016

      I purchased my first stretch oil this past weekend! I wish i had this product with my first child 6 years ago! I am only 17 weeks far along, but this little baby is definitely becoming a big one for its growth! Love this product so far and can't wait to try out everything else :)! 10-22-2015

    7. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by Rebecca Tomaszewski on Apr 8th 2016

      The stretch oil smells amazing! It is great for prenatal massage and helps reduce itching caused by a growing belly. 10-14-2015

    8. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by Reina Barbieri on Apr 8th 2016

      Thank you, thank you for the Natural Stretch Oil that you sent from winning the fb contest! Not only did I get it super fast, but it's the only thing that has offered relief to my itchy 36wk preggo belly! It also smells great! I'm sad I didn't find this sooner, but so grateful to you guys for such awesome products! Thanks again 7-20-2015

    9. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by Crystal on Apr 8th 2016

      "My title says it all! I tried it *one time* just to try to prevent a second set of stretch marks, and when I woke up this morning, they were practically GONE!

      I *don't* use organic products and I'm very skeptical, but I heard so many good reviews and I tried it. I could not believe my eyes. Upon a closer look, it's like a faint shadow less than twelve hours later! I found some stretch marks on my hips (definitely pinkish/red) and the difference is astounding. I actually opened the bathroom door and exclaimed to my husband to look as well! He was slightly disappointed because he's come to love them as a symbol of carrying our baby, but I'm thankful to be basically rid of the things. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend this product! 2-20-2015

    10. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by Happy first time mama on Apr 8th 2016

      This is awesome! I bought 2, I am a first time mom and only 23 so I really didn't want to be covered in stretch marks! I had HG and the light smell did not make me nauseous like 99% of other stuff. And it works! People say stretch marks are genetic, which I believe to be true to an extent BUT girls in my family get AWFUL stretch marks everywhere and I didnt! And how I really really know it works is that I only put it all over my stomach, thinking since that was what was growing that would be the only place I got them. Because the rest of my body didn't get big. But I still got stretch marks on the side/back of my hips where I didn't use it! :( So really put it everywhere even if you don't think you will get them in those spots you really will. Everywhere I used this oil is 100% free of stretch marks. So happy I used it. My waist went from 23 inches to 50 and down to 22 after birth, I gained around 40 pounds and then it was gone within a couple weeks of giving birth and I know that's supposed to make stretch marks worse because it's such a big change so fast. Pregnancy doesn't have to ruin your body ladies, this oil did wonders and my stomach is as tight and mark free as before pregnancy! I would recommend to absolutely everyone! 2-11-2015

    11. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by alexisccarter via Instagram on Apr 8th 2016

      Idk if it was your stretch oil or what but I delivered a big headed 9 pounder with no tears! I honestly believe your product is to thank. So thank you for doing what's best, not easy, and providing mommy and baby with incredible products. 10-22-2015

    12. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by kourtmcneill via Instagram on Apr 8th 2016

      Just started using the natural stretch oil and it's amazing! So much better then any belly balm I've used. 10-22-2015

    13. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by Holly Figueroa on Apr 8th 2016

      When I was pregnant and doing as much research as I could about pregnancy and babies I stumbled upon your website and products. I immediately knew that these products would be a great fit for me - a mama desiring a more natural and holistic approach to parenting; one that was free of toxins and chemicals, particularly in the things that I would be putting on my new daughter's tiny body. I purchased your Earth Mama Body Butter and Natural Stretch Oil to use throughout my pregnancy and loved them both. My favorite part was the fact that they had a subtle, very pleasant scent that wasn't so overpowering for my pregnancy nose! After I had my daughter we stocked up on everything for her from your line of products - lotion, wash and bottom balm. While we love it all, I simply cannot say enough about your Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I have recommended it to literally everyone that I know - whether they have a baby or not!!! I call it our miracle balm! My only regret is that I didn't use it on myself - or better yet get some of your Mama Bottom Balm - postpartum! So thank you, thank you for making such wonderful products!' Thanks so much! Holly (mama to 18-month-old Malia) 2-28-2014

    14. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by 5angelmama on Apr 8th 2016

      This is my favorite. It soothes my eczema. 9-3-2010

    15. Natural Stretch Oil  star rating

      Posted by luisaurban via Instagram on Apr 8th 2016

      Due with sweet baby no.2 at the end of the month and use my mama stretch oil on the daily!! LOVE all the earth mama angel baby goodies, they are a must in our house 10-22-2015

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