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Morning Wellness Spray


    Morning Wellness Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle with a sigh of relief on the side! A gloriously uplifting, safe aromatherapy spray for pregnancy, cranky baby, and kids of all ages. The gingery citrus mist of Morning Wellness Spray helps tame tummies and lift spirits, keep it in your purse to help battle unexpected smells, use it for long car rides, on sheets -- anywhere you might need a quick spritz of ahh. For an instant blast of blissful relief to get a queasy mama (or car sick kid) through the moment, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale. No chemical fixatives, so the natural scent does not last an artificially long time, and because Morning Wellness Spray is safe and natural you can use it again and again, as needed.*

    • Read what the American Botanical Council has to say about the safety and effectiveness of ginger and pregnancy nausea.
    • Use on bed linens, in the air, or any time you can use a pick-me-up (especially if someone is howling to be picked up)!
    • Formerly known as Happy Mama Spray, as seen on Rachael Ray

    Still feeling queasy? Try Organic Morning Wellness Tea

    What else do mamas use it for?

    • travel sickness
    • flu
    • pregnancy nausea
    • chemo nausea
    • irritable mamas and littles


    Water, Citrus aurantifolia (organic lime) oil, Zingiber officinale (ginger) oil, Citrus reticulata (tangerine) peel oil, Citrus sinensis (organic sweet orange), Olea europa (organic olive) oil, Vanilla planifolia (organic vanilla) fruit extract

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    1. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by T. Jonathan on Mar 25th 2016

      The products at Earth Mama Angel Baby never fail to amaze me! For the past few months I've been getting up in the morning feeling sick to my stomach, for some unknown reason, but it is quite uncomfortable. I finally decided to try some of the Morning Wellness Spray (formerly Happy Mama Spray) since it is supposed to help out with morning sickness/nausea in pregnant women. And what do you know... seriously, within a couple minutes of spraying it on my wrists and inhaling in the aroma, my nausea began disappearing and I was feeling much better. Thank you! 10-28-2015

    2. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by S. Poole on Mar 25th 2016

      I just want to let you know that, out of all of the different nausea remedies that my friend's daughter has been taking for her brain cancer/chemotherapy, the Morning Wellness Spray (formerly Happy Mama Spray) is her favorite. She sprays it on her wrist and smells it for about 10 minutes every morning before getting out of bed and it helps! She even made sure she didn't forget to bring it to her grandparents house yesterday when they visited! I thought you'd like to know that. 10-28-2015

    3. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Rebecca M. on Mar 25th 2016

      I am a pre & post natal fitness instructor and recently had a baby. I was given a gift set of your postpartum products when I had my baby. They are fabulous. The Natural Nipple Butter is the only thing that worked for me and the only thing I could use that my baby did not mind the smell of. After sleepless nights the Morning Wellness Spray (formerly Happy Mama Spray) was such a boost in the morning. I also use the Angel Baby Bottom Balm regularly. 10-28-2015

    4. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Kim P. on Mar 25th 2016

      Morning Wellness Spray (formerly Happy Mama Spray) was a godsend for me. I had no idea how helpful it would be! Smells would just send me running to the bathroom. Now, anytime I feel a little queasy or if my husband is cooking something, I just spray Morning Wellness Spray (Happy Mama Spray) all around me and inhale deeply. It takes away that queasy feeling right away.

    5. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Julie G. San Diego, CA on Mar 25th 2016

      Hi, my friend introduced me to you guys and I went to our whole foods and got your Morning Wellness Spray (formerly Happy Mama Spray) that I use on my bed sheets, pillow and the room. I LOVE that spray!! Also ended up getting the Natural Nipple Butter that I too LOVED!! I can no longer breastfeed but I use it for my little girl's eczema and her face and it works amazing! It actually got rid of the little pimples too. Her face has been clear for a week and every morning and night I put it on her. Just a little dab is needed. I read the article on baby skin something that helped me (I learned from la leche) is that when she had red dots I actually would put breast milk on her face and within one hour they would be lessen or gone...my husband didn't believe me till I tried it in front of him. Just a few shout outs for EMAB and anyone wondering about the pimples. 10-28-2015

    6. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by @heyfreckles on Mar 25th 2016

      I actually won some of this from a contest and it turned me on to all of your natural products! My husband loves lime so this spray is perfect for a perfume replacement! It also lightens my mood when needed! Thank you! 10-28-2015

    7. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Allison on Mar 25th 2016

      This spray works so well as a pick me up when I'm feeling a little frazzled and tired. 10-28-2015

    8. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by 5angelmama on Mar 25th 2016

      It really does lift your spirits. 10-28-2016

    9. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Zanie on Mar 25th 2016

      My beloved sister in law gave me a bottle of Morning Wellness Spray (formerly Happy Mama Spray) because my 8 yr old daughter kept getting car sick. Truly, sometimes this spray is the only thing that keeps the sanity in our car, especially on trips to visit family in Portland, OR. Even though there are no babies in our home, we use many EMAB products: Angel Baby Bottom Balm in place of Neosporin; Angel Baby Shampoo & Body wash for the girls; Angel Baby Lotion for the whole family (who doesn't like to smell that good???); C-Mama Healing Salve for scar care after two major surgeries; Mint Herbal LIp Balm for the whole family; as well as Morning Wellness Spray (Happy Mama Spray). LOVE LOVE LOVE your products! 10-28-2015

    10. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by beccab5o4 on Mar 25th 2016

      Smells are horrible to me right now. I wanted to be a perfumist and my house was always filled with candles and home fragrance but ever since I became pregnant, I detest perfumes and fragrance. I can't wear perfume and I don't want my man wearing cologne because it's just awful smelling to me. I dealt with severe nausea for 4 months and am finally better but smells still sicken me.

      Except for this ... I actually crave the smell of this spray and rather than spritzing it everywhere, I simply open the bottle and inhale. It's as though I can't inhale long enough to get my fix. I probably look like a fiend huffing this perfection. I will just be sitting at my desk at work and the overwhelming urge to sniff takes me over. I don't know if aromatherapy actually works but what I do know is that I yearn for this smell. It smells as though someone sliced open a tangerine, orange, lime and piece of ginger and you smell that rind-y effervescence just bubbling into the atmosphere. I can't get enough. Thank you, Earth Mama Angel Baby, you done good ;) I won't have to wonder why our baby will be born with a severe affinity for citrus. 4-27-2015

    11. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Katharine W. on Mar 25th 2016

      I have a funny story about one of my favorite products, the Happy Mama Spray. I had HG for the first 17 weeks or so of my pregnancy, and tried all sorts of herbal and other remedies. Like many pregnant women, I had some big issues with smells, but found if I practically bathed in the Happy Mama Spray, I was safe and well, happy! Around week 18 or 19 or so I found out that several of my friends were pregnant and sent them Earth Mama Angel Baby bundles, including the spray. One day, another friend who found out she was pregnant came over for dinner and was telling me how terrible her morning sickness was, especially her smell sensitivity. I knew I had to go grab her my extra bottle of Happy Mama Spray. When I told her it helped me with my nausea, before I could explain it was a body/room/linen spray, she sprayed it right in her mouth! Thankfully, being all natural and made of essential oils it was not harmful- and she swears that since then her morning sickness has improved and now that she is entering her 2nd trimester is all but gone! 9-18-2014

    12. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Briteney L. on Mar 25th 2016

      I love the happy mama spray! When I read the ingredients I was unsure how I would like it because I dislike ginger a lot, but after I got the spray I love it. I spray it daily. 9-18-2014

    13. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Erin M. on Mar 25th 2016

      I wanted to say thank you for making such wonderful products, and one in particular has made a positive impact on our family of late. About our week ago, our 6 year old daughter woke up sick at night and threw up in her bed, which of course is so upsetting. She was crying and crying while her daddy held her and I cleaned up. After she got back in bed on clean sheets to go to sleep, the air in the ...room needed some freshening up. I thought of my Happy Mama Spray, which I bought after my son was born last year to help lift my spirits. I sprayed it, and she loved the smell- it helped calm her immediately. A few nights later, she was having a night terror, which she has experienced since she was 2 or so. If your children have these, you know how upsetting they can be, even though the child isn't awake and doesn't remember anything. For some reason, I thought of the Happy Mama Spray in the midst of her screaming and flailing in bed. I spritzed it all around, and laid down next to her. It took her a lot less time than usual to settle. Then last night another night terror. My husband went in, and was somehow able to get her to become lucid enough that she asked him to use the Happy Mama Spray. She went back to sleep after that. Earth Mama to the rescue again!! 9-18-2014

    14. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Carrie C. on Mar 25th 2016

      I love the Happy Mama Spray! It takes care of the nausea that comes with my migraines. The pain pills get rid of the migraine, but the nausea lingers. The Happy Mama Spray helps me feel better so I can get on with the day. :) 9-18-2014

    15. Morning Wellness Spray  star rating

      Posted by Rhonda on Mar 25th 2016

      I am an older Mama with little ones and teenagers and this is one body spray I love! It is so refreshing for the spirit. Even my teenage daughter has gotten to using it. She had just turned sixteen and was going for her driver's test and what did she arm herself with? HAPPY MAMA SPRAY! Before taking the test she sprayed the entire inside of the car with the spray as she was so nervous! Lo and behold she said "it just made her feel good"! The driver examiner who went for the drive with her asked just where she got her car freshener from because he too liked the pleasant smell! P.S. She passed her test!! :-) 9-18-2014

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