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Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla vulgaris, or “Little Alchemist” was believed by early pagan herbalists to possess all manner of universal and magical healing properties. Lady’s Mantle is related to the rose, and grows low to the ground with clusters of little yellow star-shaped flowers. The leaves of Lady’s Mantle are high in tannins, flavonoids like quercetin, and even trace amounts of salicylic acid. They are used as a vulnerary (wound healer) and are classified as an astringent, drying up and expelling water from boggy tissues, and reducing inflammation. 

Herbal astringents can be useful as a mouth or eyewash, and are even helpful for diarrhea, excessive bleeding, bloating and cramping. Lady’s Mantle is used help reduce and dry inflamed tissues after birth and during menstruation. It is used during the last trimester to the first few months after birth to restore tone to the uterus, dry up excessive moisture and return vitality and balance to postpartum women. These actions make it a perfect woman’s ally during the monthly bleeding cycle and help calm crabby/crampiness and steady the rocky course of menopause.*

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